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Please call us to discuss any of the following China Imports topics:

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Sales Support - China Imports

Our objective is to provide more that engineering and manufacturing support. We pride ourselves with providing to our customers full "GO-to-China" life cycle support.

Our sales support can includes:

     JIT Delivery
     Locally Held Safety Stock
     Factory Safety Stock
     Stocking Programs
     On-Site Assistance
     Local Sales Contacts
      Sales Consulting
      Market analysis
     Market Strategy
      Product Distribution
     Logistical support
     Technical Support

We get involved in the engineering, manufacturing and sales processes only to the extent that you need us to do. Whether you are interested in a complete turn-key manufacturing project, or are just looking for assistance in successfully navigating the intricacies of doing business in China, we will adjust our unique set of skills to fit your requirements. We will become you right hand as your expert China adviser if that's what you need. Or, we will turn-key manufacture your product, and deliver it to your dock, on time and on budget.

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