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Products & Services

Commodities & Manufacturing
Through our network of supporting factories we offer a broad range of commodities and turn-key manufacturing services for our OEM customers.
Specific Products

Engineering Services
MMA's in-house Engineering Group, based in Los Gatos, California, works with each of our customers to design products that are reliable, offer superior performance, and cost-effective to manufacture. In addition, Engineering personnel at each of our supporting factories offer additional design assistance related to their particular specialty.
Common Technical Services

Sales Support
Each valued customer is unique and has different needs. What remains constant is MMA's commitment to fully support each customer in a manner tailored to their unique requirements.
Support Your Procurement

Collectively, our network of supporting factories holds dozens of Agency Approvals and Compliance Certifications, including the following.

     FDA 820 Compliant
     IEC - 601 Compliant
     ISO - 9000
     UL - External Cable Assemblies
     UL - Wire Harness Program
      UL - Fan & Tray Assemblies

Upon request, MMA can provide additional information, including specifics, on our broad range of manufacturing capabilities. We can also provide detailed information such as company profiles, history, quality manuals, and current capabilities for any of our supporting factories in Asia.




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