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Offshore Outsourcing - Q&A
Why go offshore with us?

Modern China

Where do I begin looking? How do I find the manufacturer for my product? Who do I trust?

In the competitive and very complex world of offshore manufacturing there is no substitute for experience. Finding an offshore manufacturer is not the real difficult task. Finding the right one is!

This is where our expertise comes in. We can eliminate such uncertainties, and help you achieve the very significant cost reductions as well as the many other indirect benefits of offshore manufacturing. Here are some of the main reasons you should talk to us about offshore manufacturing:

     Obviously the key reason to discuss offshore manufacturing with us is to save money - anywhere from 21% to 73%

Additional reasons are:

     The ability to change and improve products or processes without additional capital expenditures.

     The ability to remain competitive in the marketplace.

      Our expertise, proven systems, and the track record of our exceptional line up of manufacturers are all ensuring the top quality you expect.

     Our partner factories utilize some of the most modern equipment available.

     Our manufacturing expertise covers all areas (link to products page) of electronics manufacturing, Component and PCB Design and fabrication, Aluminum Die Casting, Stamped Metal Parts, Tooling, Cable & Wire Extrusion, Custom Fabrication / Turn-Key Manufacturing, etc

      Low volume breakeven point, to cover production line setup, documentation, and agency approval.

If you are a manufacturer and local manufacturing has become too costly to remain competitive, our expert staff is ready to answer all your questions and ensure a successful implementation of your plans. Whether you are interested in a complete turn-key manufacturing project, or just looking for assistance in successfully navigating the intricacies of setting up for business in the Far East, we do it all, as your supporting expert staff. We will get involved as little or as much as you direct us to do. Please contact us (link to form) and we will manufacture the product for you at great savings, or put you into the right location, in association with the right people, at the right price.

Contact Us Today and Receive a FREE Preliminary Analysis

Experience the Great Savings!
…Without having to become an offshore expert

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