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Offshore Outsourcing Planning - Outsourcing to Asia
Full Service Manufacturing and Engineering Support

Macrotech Marketing has been a supplier of OEM commodities for the Medical, Electronics, Computer, and Telecommunications industries since 1982. We specialize in assisting our customers reduce manufacturing costs by outsourcing to factories in Asia. Our USA office is located in Los Gatos, California - the heart of Silicon Valley.

If you are a manufacturer and local operations have become too costly, our expert staff is ready to help. Whether you are interested in a complete turn-key manufacturing project, or are just looking for assistance in successfully navigating the intricacies of doing business in Asia, we can assist you, as your loyal and supporting expert staff. We will get involved as little or as much as you direct us to do. Please contact us and we will manufacture the product for you at great savings, or put you into the right location, in association with the right people, at the right price.

MMA's role is a unique blend of USA sales and engineering consulting, superior customer service, and hands-on supervision of production, quality, delivery, and protection of OEM's proprietary information at our supporting factories in Asia. Direct factory supervision is conducted by bilingual Engineering and Project Management personnel in our two Taiwan offices (Taipei and Kaohsiung), and two China offices (Shenzhen and Shanghai). This structure gives our customers the virtual benefits of having their own offshore manufacturing site without the expense of establishing a presence there.

Our local engineering staff has worked with many of our customers in the development of new products – from molded plastic parts, wire harness assemblies, and printed circuit boards to complete sub-assembly design. With our extensive resources in North America and Asia, we cost-effectively expedite design and production.

More than a dozen factories in Taiwan and China currently support our organization. Collectively, these factories have broad capabilities, including the production of extruded wire, cable and harness assemblies, connectors, power products, tooling, injection molded plastics, stamped metal chassis and parts, PCBA fabrication and assembly, flexible printed circuits, and complete turn-key manufacturing services. China manufacturing is becoming very complex and increasingly high technology oriented.

China manufacturing capabilities outshine global competition with a large cadre of skilled, disciplined work force. The education of the work force is focused on quality assurance, with special emphasis on ISO900X.

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