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Offshore Outsourcing Planning
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Benefits of Working with MMA

Minimizing your manufacturing costs
Exceptional quality track record
Supply chain and logistics management
Engineering and product development support

Minimizing your manufacturing costs

     Very competitive pricing

     Commitment to on-going cost reductions

     Your connection to Chinese manufacturing

     Collective Purchasing Clout for the mutual benefit of all MMA customers

      Low factory markup (value-added only)

     MMA creates Economies of Scale, beneficial to all of our customers, through volume procurement of raw materials that we allocate and consigned to the factories.

      With Project Managers on two continents, at the customer and factory sites, we ramp up your new projects quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively – saving your travel Dollars.

     "Design For Manufacturing" (DFM), emphasizing product performance and manufacturing cost-effectiveness

      We work only in the best interest of our customers.  We do not work for any factories.

     Favorable payment terms

Exceptional quality track record

     6 Sigma programs
      Customer Testimonials

Supply chain and logistics management

     One-stop Asia sourcing for a variety of commodities and manufacturing requirements

      All-inclusive Materials Management and Logistics service

     "Best of Both Worlds" – direct USA customer support along with bilingual Engineering and Project Management staff in Asia working directly with the factories in support of our customers

      Dedicated production lines at the factories to support MMA customers exclusively

     Production Scheduling – Set and controlled by MMA.

     Preventing "Miscommunication"  --  We take responsibility for reviewing all Customer Proprietary Information – specifications, drawings, revision levels, order quantities, production / delivery schedules, etc. –  on technical and practical levels.  When we send it to the factories, it is accurate, clear, and complete.

      USA Warehousing of Finished Goods

     Component and Finished Goods safety stock

     JIT, Kanban, and other stocking programs

     Raw Materials Usage Forecasting

     Dual / Back-Up Sourcing -- with the added benefit of Economies of Scale achieved through the volume procurement of raw materials by MMA

     Drop Shipment to any of your sub-contractors or locations worldwide

      We can arrange all international shipping traffic and quote you an all-inclusive price -- no surprises later for extra "shipping / handling" charges.

Engineering and product development support

      Extensive Design and Engineering Support services in the USA and Asia

     Hands-on technical and sales support staff at your disposal

     CAD / 3D Design

     Local (USA) prototype production and quick-turn assembly facility

     "Design For Manufacturing" (DFM), with emphasis on product performance and manufacturing cost-effectiveness

     Our personnel in Asia engage in on-site Production and QA Auditing at the factories, every day, to ensure that high-quality conforming products are shipped on time.

      We make certain that no design changes or material substitutions are made at the factory without prior customer approval.

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